About Anne Price Yates

As a West Coast Neo-impressionist artist, I work in oil, acrylic, and sometimes watercolor. My current medium preference is acrylic for my studio work, although oil has been and is my favorite medium. I began using oil paints when I was a pre-teen and my subjects were primarily figures. I continued oil painting until I married and eventually stopped painting. In 2000, thanks to my dear friend and college roommate, I joined a small plein-air oil painting workshop in Provence, France, and in the spring of 2001, I joined the group again in Provence.

About Anne Price Yates

That fall, I entered four of my paintings in the Desert Empire Fair competition in Ridgecrest, California, where they won first, second, and third place as well as honorable mention. Those awards on top of my thrilling painting experience in Provence encouraged me to continue oil painting. My focus was now landscapes, and my style more impressionistic. I love the paintings of Monet, Sisley, Pizzarro, and Wolf Kahn’s art has also influenced my work.

I began drawing people before I was in the first grade, and my fascination with the human form continued. My second-grade teacher at Franklin Elementary in a suburb of Pittsburgh saved some of my drawings which she presented to my mother years later. Other teachers there encouraged my interest in art as well. My fifth-grade art teacher, Miss McConnell, tapped me as one of the two students from Allegheny County to attend the Carnegie Art Museum Saturday classes. I was a member of the Tam-O-Shanter group and later the Palette group, from which sixteen of us were invited to a summer workshop at the museum. For six weeks, five days a week, we studied in the Carnegie Library, prepared our drawings, and then painted four large
murals for the museum’s Fall Armor Show. I still savor that experience. Our work was reported in local newspapers, KDKA TV, The Carnegie Magazine, and even Life Magazine. Much later, as an art major at Florida State University, figure drawing was my favorite class, and I later studied portrait work.

My animal paintings are a deviation from my landscape work. Most of my
commissions involve dogs, and this work is especially fun for me. Most are acrylic paintings on 6×6 gallery-wrapped canvases, which can be hung without the need for hardware or placed on a hard surface.

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