Genealogical and Other Books

Regarding Luke recounts some of Luke Hayden’s life and describes some of his New England ancestors. In the mid-1850s his parents left their respective homes in New England and traveled to Atlanta, where they spent the rest of their lives. The book is available from


Jubilee is a collection of poetry, prose, and artwork by members of the Portland Branch of the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW). My painting titled Summer Reunion was selected as the cover image. This anthology is available on Amazon for $11.00.

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Family Reflections focuses on two extraordinary scientists, researchers, and teachers. In Family Reflections, the author’s father, W. Conway Price, born in Blacksburg, Virginia, remembers his father, Harvey Lee Price, as a disciplinarian, role model, and highly esteemed teacher and administrator at VPI (Virginia Tech). Harvey Lee Price served for 38 years as Head of the Department of Horticulture at VPI. Conway was a scientist, researcher, and professor at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Florida and later on assignment with UN-FAO in the Philippines, as a plant virologist. He was reported as “one of the top plant virologists in the world,” in the January 1970 issue of Phytopathology.

The Brothers Conway of Madison County, Virginia, Autobiographies of Catlett Conway and William Buchanan Conway
Compiled, edited, and published by Anne H. Price Yates. The hardbound edition is now available from for twenty-five dollars.

Increase in Prices cover

Increase in Prices: Some Descendants of David and Agnes (Hoffman) Price of 17th Century Germany
Compiled by Anne Price Yates and W. Conway Price, Ph.D. This 464-page soft-bound edition, published with a full-name index, is now available from

Descendants of Edwin Conway, the Immigrant
Compiled by W. Conway Price and edited by Anne Hayden Price Yates, 144 pages, softbound, with surname index. This edition is available from

Cover-Year of Essential 136

A Year of Essential Correspondence
Compiled by Anne Price Yates, courting letters of Julia E. Thomas and W. B. Conway, 1869-70, and Other Family Letters. This edition is available from

Ltrs by Catlett

Letters Written by Catlett Conway (1840:1929) CSA Veteran: Letters dating from 1892 through 1920 Edited by Anne Price Yates, softbound, now available from at $26.

Some Descendants of Joseph Yates
Compiled by Anne H. Yates, 48 pages with full-name index. Reprinted in 1997. Now available from at $25.

Some Descendants of Giles Thomas, Revolutionary Soldier
Compiled by W. Conway Price and edited by Anne Price Yates Price, 70 pages, softbound, with surname index. Available from

Also by Anne Price Yates: Forty Years Later — Return to the Philippines, A Reunion of Graduates (Late 1950s) of the American School in Manila
Softbound edition published in October 1998. 13 pages including twenty-three color photographs.